Read the legend and get the vulnerable image/ torrent

SHA256 sum: 34745e6fe3fe88fe1f6414e0fa5f7dc775aa19fe515075a1a6ef7723f5396d21

Here is the password to decrypt the vulnerable image: b03df60fd2479613fe8c8d7f8cee359dc2a7dffd

You can submit your flags to TCP port 31337


RuCTFE is an annual online international challenge in the information security. It has been held 7 times already.

The contest is driven by classic rules. Each team is given a set of vulnerable services. Organizers regulary fill services with private information — the flags. The goal of each team is to find vulnerabilities, fix them in their services and exploit them in order to get flags from other teams. Please refer to the rules page and Wikipedia article for slightly more info.

RuCTFE 2016 starts on November 12, 2016 at 10:00 UTC and will last for 9 hours. As usual, the network will be closed for the first hour.

Registration will be closed on November 12, 2016 at 08:00 UTC.

Top student teams according to the results of RuCTFE 2016 will be invited to the annual national Russian university challenge in the information security RuCTF 2017.

225,750/ RUB

RuCTFE 2016 is approved as DEF CON CTF 2017 qualifying event. And RuCTFE winner will be a DEF CON CTF 2017 participant!

First place takes 129,000 RUB (~2,048 USD) and goes to DEF CON
Second place takes 64,500 RUB (~1,024 USD)
Third place takes 32,250 RUB (~512 USD)


30 Aug 2016
RuCTFE 2016 is officially announced.
21 Oct 2016
Registration is opened.
11 Nov 2016
Vulnerable image is available.
12 Nov 2016 10 UTC
Decryption key is announced and RuCTFE 2016 starts.