Despite the ending of the A/D game, we have one more thing for you.

This year we did not have the opportunity to conduct RuCTF which is not only A/D but also the conference. Coronavirus happened, borders closed, bringing people together turned out to be too unsafe. So we have decided to invite speakers to participate in a conference at the end of 2020 because you don't have to be somewhere physically to get some useful skills and experience. For our online RuCTFE conference, we have filmed speakers' talks and are going to post them one by one at the beginning of 2021.

Of course, we understand the importance of interaction. That's why you get to ask any questions to the speakers in YouTube premiere comments section and the speakers will surely answer you! Also, it's a perfect chance to chat with others like-minded without worrying about life safety.

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Congratulations to Bushwhackers, saarsec, C4T BuT S4D and all the teams!

Please leave us feedback and vote for us on CTFTime, so we can make RuCTFE 2021 even better!

Repo is open:

Always yours, HackerDom!


RuCTFE is an annual competition in information security. It is held online and is open for participants from across the planet.

The contest follows the classical A/D rules. Each team is given an identical set of vulnerable services. During the competition the organizers regularly store private information unique to each team — flags — into services. The goal of each team is to find vulnerabilities in services, fix them in their own services, and exploit them against services of other teams in order to access their flags. Please refer to the rules page and Wikipedia article for more information.

RuCTFE is one of the oldest competitions of this kind. It has been held 11 times already. If you're interested in our history, you can check out these links: RuCTFE 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

This year we would like to share a whole new world with you. You don't need to defend your boats in fights or try to survive the post-apocalypse. Let's just move to the mysterious and beautiful East (our regards to HITB guys who showed it to us).

RuCTFE 2020 starts on December 26th at 10:00 UTC and will last for 9 hours. As usual, the network will be closed for the first hour.

Registration will be closed on December 26th at 08:00 UTC.

Our new partner is Free TON — a blockchain platform that uses the open source TON OS as a virtual Operating System to run smart contracts and decentralized applications and have the one of the fastest and most scalable networks in existence today. Free TON is providing the prize fund this year.


1st place — 8192 Free TON Crystals

2nd place — 4096 Free TON Crystals

3rd place — 2048 Free TON Crystals

And that's not all! We have prizes for all active teams. For the full list of prizes, check the rules.

Top student teams according to the results of RuCTFE 2020 will be invited to the annual university competition in information security, RuCTF 2021.

We need to post our wallet address to comply with Free TON sponsorship agreement: 0:bd9e0f00061e6ffc95c2107ce381d5050b692be2f95b1c83af72300756020d5d.
But if you really like our events and you have spare Crystals, we are happy to accept donations.